Mount Olympus (

Time of revelation

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Ukrainian President

W. Selenskyj


To the EU


To the United Nations


Luebeck, April 9, 2022


Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear President V. Selenskyj, Dear Readers,

Many of you have already taken note of unpleasant things and events, often personified and "filed away" in your "broken process of repression, that beats everything for stupidity!

You and others will hopefully not be of the opinion that you will be* elevated above the persons, who are at the top of mankind by these or other events, wherever these persons are or wherever they will be, which also includes the life after death!

The life after death shows us at the end of the time what is the matter!

Thus logically very frightening "pictures or figures" come to mankind and most probably still so some more what could concern the senses of a person, as it could concern for example the sense of smell or the sense of touch.

It can also be in the course of the time, that completely suddenly and unexpectedly steered by the diabolical adversary, the strange aggressor via TV, via mirror or however can be faded in independently to want to bring individual persons with shock and fear to fall. If this should be the case sometime and actually happens, then you should know that my person is the stronger one and a "bluff" by such stories show that the "living Computer thing" is stumbling!

The more such kind of the Com-Puter are existing, which will be probably hardly distinguishable from the original, the more my person will be probably also duplicated, whereby always to pay attention to the original and not to fall for a false witch or for a copy! My person has a very hard and clear tone in herself and meanwhile a blow at the body if it depends, like a general field marshal or like a she-bear.

But probably also King J. or even the Emperor D. will have ruled or reacted in similar way.

For sure some other negative princes for example in the hometown of my person in the garden area of Hohewarte II have tried in a similar way by specific remarks in the matter to pull the Cudgel of my person to themselves or will have at least considered it, namely those who were informed about the homepages of my person.

So you and others will be able to recognize sometime, that no arrangements between King, Empress and the Emperor have preceded, what could have led so or differently also easily to misunderstandings in the public matter and these misunderstandings are exploited certainly also today still as they were exploited for years!

And now my person comes to the Acedemy Awards ceremony in the matter!

Of course, an Empress protects her Emperor or at least tries not to let him be soiled publicly as well as the King, as well as her Son and so many a true Clergyman! However, how life goes, legally an OSCAR-emperor also comes into the dirty game, who can pull all registers, but who is also subject to a predestination as a born Prince, but this predestination was unfortunately directed against my person and against my dearest ones.

In spite of everything my person remains responsible also for this otherwise lovable Prince W. and must of course urge that also he and quite particularly his loved ones will receive a protection by the citizens of Luebeck, which must be guaranteed, because without this "OSKAR emperor" the realization in the matter would not have been possible at all and remains as long as it will be necessary!

The Cudgel has to decide what is the matter, because in this case a civil marriage was closed by high-born under these constraints on my part, which was usual according to historical review in the so-called royal houses. This connection has made an advantage clear, in that my person has already learned to distinguish from a distance a "sick pig" from a sick person and can recognize reasonably clearly on the spot, on which side of the life the respective person is.

This here just mentioned expression of an Empress is indeed unusual or perhaps even not appropriate, but nevertheless my person had to learn to deal with half animals or more exactly with "filthy pigs* or sick creatures", which usually or in the mass exploit or even abuse the highest and most precious of a human being to their advantage, what this unattractive, but nevertheless effective expression and the associated procedure let become clear!

Now unfortunately most family relations have become highly complicated and exchangeable by the change of partners and have always also a connection to the beyond, but if nothing is sacred any more to a half animal or citizen and such a citizen hides behind other valuables and also still attacks these or lets jump over the blade, then my person knows what she has to do and thus already resolutions were published for the insight for all by precious documents in the Internet! !

Therefore, these mentioned expressions of strength of my person will often come through the Monumental-Area and this and much more can also happen abroad, what should have actually long ago happened abroad* or some of these citizens should have been shown there*, and these are these described half Luebecker animals or, however, still some few decent citizens, which my person has wished via the ether, so that other countries and continents can see the writing on the wall!

And now we come to speak about president Selenskyj, who can show the best possible education for a heroic president by having been active as a comedian or especially probably also as a clown, who can also pull out all the stops in this regard, because he can playfully deal with emotions of his audience by crying, laughing, mourning or cheering and applauding.

In addition still another basic training as an actor and a diploma study of the jurisprudence make him perfect for this task as a president of the Ukraine, whereby he will have meant it really well with the people and no own enrichment or authoritative advantages for him will have stood in the foreground of his working, but he probably did not want to disappoint his people by his promises.

However, this is not true for the whole political team or for the backers of Ukraine, for whom the money and the claim to power or the public prestige and the recognition on a higher and equal level in Europe and the world were important and decisive for playing poker with a war, which was from the beginning quite clearly recognizable for my person by the public appearances and by the endless demands of the Ukrainian celebrities.

But back to the Ukrainian president, the surname V. Selenskyj in the German and English language says a lot about the course and the progress in the matter, which must be connected now by the war with Russia and president Putin with many deaths, by* his surname can be divided into three parts!

To one it concerns Se(e)len = souls, thus deceased; whether Jewish, Ukrainian or Russian  is anyone`s guess.

On the other hand it is about the English word sky, thus about the sky and last a j remains as ending of the name.

So my person advises you all urgently to leave still something for the coming generations from the world and from mankind, by you all will bow to the higher right immediately and without objection and will take care independently for the peace among the peoples and for the implementation of the directions or the orders of the King J..

You will have to bow please immediately to the called up Authority unconditionally and to render obedience without objection! Every thinking man is involved in the matter and in the commission; whether passively or actively every human of all cultures is involved in the matter and connected with the Creation and is only a mortal human with his possibilities, with his talents and with his abilities; better do not forget or confuse this for any moment in this difficult time!

Create the boundary condition immediately in the FRG, in Denmark and in Europe, as already ordered several times and stop to develop your play-acting abilities, because you are already very long quite easy to see right through!

In this sense my person remains with the best wishes for all of us,

Ursula Sabisch


HP: The true clergy was asked long time ago by my person to activate the Cudgel of my person what is to be refrained now please, otherwise there is a possible feedback on the bottom!! Furthermore, the Eucharist celebration in the Roman Catholic Church is first Europe-wide but if possible immediately worldwide to stop and to leave to Protestantism for a longer transitional period!

*Expression slightly improved on 10 April 2022. *Revised April 11, 2022./ April 21.2022.