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    Luebeck, 10 May 2022

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An ambassador is a diplomat and the civil servant highest representative of a state in another country or at an international organisation.

What is the actual result of these professions and the salaries paid to them?

Where do the many academic degrees of doctor or professor come from in relation to the professions mentioned below and who awards these titles?

Please let that German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, Dear Title Bearers of the 21st Century, Dear Readers,

It is high time for you and other title bearers all over Europe and the World to prove your academic degree, because how are you going to justify your monthly salary if you cannot show any performance according to your job, but can hide behind theoretical analyses in church, politics, research and science?

You have been able to put a comparatively fat salary into your pockets every month for years and have acquired a high reputation through your titles in contrast to the working people who, as a rule, could not hide behind theory and a pleasant lifestyle but had to be "on the spot and ready for action" every day and show a performance rendered! You and others than the high title holders have obviously not really understood life, but you want to advise people in leadership positions, represent human rights or be involved in opinion making, all without a reasonable and true starting point!

You have silently tolerated and watched how a very dangerous war has now developed in Europe, although there are hundreds of well-trained professionals who have professionally studied the historical background of the warring parties and NATO, or others who have enjoyed diplomatic training with the title of ambassador.

Why could these diplomats and historians and political scientists not prevent the war by bringing about a solution for all sides and why can these people still not end the war? Why had more or less diplomatically inexperienced people in this field been appointed to the negotiating table in Moscow during the preliminary talks? Why?

Why or for whom are professional groups such as diplomats or political scientists needed and why are such people needed and well paid if they are not used? Who pays these people and on what money do they live? What achievements do these people actually have to show? And why can people from politics and society no longer clearly foresee that the Russian cannot be defeated as a major military nuclear power by pressing the red button in the end through an unacceptable defeat of any kind?

And why can't people like psychoanalysts see clearly that the leadership of Ukraine was and still is essentially concerned with the recognition of Europe coupled with prosperity through accession to the EU and still accepts many deaths, whereby of course a border-crossing invasion of a neighbouring country on the part of Russia constitutes a violation or breach of international law, which as a great power was particularly challenged by the Ukrainian leadership with regard to the previous history and the preceding military disputes in Ukraine?

This transgression or breach of international law basically leaves the political stage headless by supplying more and more and heavier weapons to Ukraine and mostly targeting young people, but also many uninvolved children and civilians have already been killed in the war!

Please analyse the warmongers and make it clear to them and other people of the "headless" political stage that the "sponsored" defensive war will either lead to a nuclear war for all people in the world at the end of the scene, whereby a sure culpability of the warmongers also belongs in your immediate psychoanalysis, however, these culpabilities will of course cancel themselves out by a nuclear war, since nothing will be left, only an indescribably great suffering of mankind!

Quite apart from this, it has long been irrelevant and no longer of importance where which borders are currently being newly established in Ukraine, since the end of time will very soon be at the door and in the case of a new beginning of world history or a new beginning of the world, all the borders of the earth have thus presumably long since been established!

Even a theologian has been able to fill his pockets more or less by a monthly salary according to his title, but he cannot draw any acceptable conclusions from the documents of theology or more precisely from the Bible for the atomic age of the 21st century and the increasing world events. You as employees of the psychoanalytic institute are placed in Berlin and so my person would like to urge especially you as the title bearers to prove your titles, otherwise every one of your and other people's titles will have to be revoked but also the corresponding study courses of your professional group will have to be abolished!

                                     And this and much more will happen faster than you can psychoanalyse!

With kind regards, Ursula Sabisch


PS: You should also analyse President Putin's speech yesterday on the occasion of the liberation of the end of World War II and then you should very quickly give your analysis to the corresponding apparatuses and "headless" politicians as an urgent warning!


Excerpts from the Internet:

A historian or historical researcher is a scientist who is concerned with the study and presentation of the past or history. In addition to the representatives of historical science, the ancient, medieval and early modern historians are also referred to as historians, although they are not considered scientists in the modern sense - for a better distinction, we often simply speak of "historians" or "historiographers" or "historiographers", although this is not obligatory. One form of historiography is the chronicle. The term historian is derived from the ancient Greek ἱστορία.

What does a political scientist earn? At the beginning of your career, you will earn around 3,000 euros per month. Once you have gained some professional experience, you can earn between 5,000 and 8,000 euros per month as an advisor to political parties or individual members of parliament.

Theology (Greek θεολογία theología, from Ancient Greek θεός theós 'God' and λόγος lógos 'word, speech, doctrine') means "the doctrine of God" or gods in general and the teachings of the content of a specific religious belief and its belief documents in particular.

Significance for the history of psychoanalysis

Gross salary as a psychoanalyst. As a psychoanalyst, the average gross salary is €49,296.00 per year. The hourly wage is €25.62. Thus, a psychoanalyst earns on average 4,108.00€ gross per month.