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The Grim Reaper

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Subject: Matter

Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 13:40:48 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To L`Osservatore Romano

Schwabenverlag AG

Sensefelderstrasse 12

73760 Ostfildern

Lübeck, 14 March 2022

Wake up from lethargy or the Grim Reaper is coming and rightly so!!!

That German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Vatican Newspaper Editorial Office, Dear Readers,

As editors of a newspaper you are all good at fine words and good formulations, but finding the truth only comes second or comes third with you and your readers! We will all fall asleep and no longer be able to help the truth to its right and thus all the power in the world will be put into the hands of the devil!

Especially the contemporary witnesses in the matter and commission of the Lord and Creator, who are now involved in the war in Ukraine and are manifesting themselves deeper and deeper into it, have become stooges of the diabolical game! Cowardice, falsehood, lies and deceit and always more illusion than reality, these have become the values that will still have meaning for you and others in order to be able to pursue your desires and goals! No one is ashamed any more, quite the opposite!

Come to your senses, all of you diseased creatures on God's earth, in that you and others will seize the only possible opportunity that has been made available to humanity! End the wars, the exploitation of the earth, the abortions, the famines and the environmental destruction by you and others who will "read yourselves well" and then bear witness to the true situation!

The world does not need a Third Nuclear World War, but healthy people who will use their minds immediately!

You all owe this to Creation too, you and your kind better not forget this!

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Should you and others "have come around" in time, a short personal audience with Pope Benedict XVI. Emeritus could be arranged for my person!